Our Preschool Academics

Our Teachers spend each week focusing on a subject matter through different learning media. Teachers explore core themes in opening circle, reading, centers, art, and food to ensure that the lesson plans are experienced through all senses. Preschool children learn social and emotional skills through play and creativity. 

Tour the 4 yr old classroom

Tour the Yellow 3/4 classroom


Preschool teachers develop literacy by continually exposing children to oral and written language. Teachers will engage the children in letter and sound recognition through pictures, play, and printed words. Children are introduced to sight words.

Writing and Art

Teachers provide activities which will support the development of fine motor skills. Teachers will ensure appropriate pencil grasps and proper Letter Formation (top to bottom). Art on a daily bases through different media: paint, crayons, markers, stickers, etc.

Math and Science

Children are introduced to simple math through use of manipulatives. Teachers teach number recognition, skills of greater than & less than, etc. Science is taught through experiments or observing objects through magnifying glasses.

The LCUMC Children's Director leads chapel once a week for each class. The children  learn Preschool lessons from the bible. In Chapel, the children pray, sing, and dance in Christ's love.

Learning through play is very important in early childhood. Children improve social, emotional and physical aspects within their appropriate developmental milestones. Open play in the classroom is a daily activity. Each class has a recess scheduled daily in the gym or on the playground.

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