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TODDLER PROGRAM (18-23 months):

Children in this classroom must be at least 18 months old on or before September 1st. Our teachers will work with your child independently and in small groups to build language skills, motor and classroom skills. Our  toddler classroom is filled with toys, soft climbing toys, and walking toys to simulate a similar environment as home. We will also begin to prepare children for the next step into our pre-school program. We will assist with potty training once you have introduced it at home. We have a small ratio in each classroom of 1 teacher per 5 toddlers.  



Our Teachers have pride in teaching the fundamentals in education as well as establishing routines.  Through these routines, children learn language skills, cooperation, sharing, taking turns, and most of all working in groups.  Our curriculum is designed to teach children important learning skills through play, group reading, music, cooking, and art.  We prepare this group to move to the PK-3 program for next year. Our teachers will assist in potty training with being consistent with what you are doing at home. 

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