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  • Students’ hands will be washed upon entering the building and throughout the school day, as needed.

  • No outside personal items such as toys or show-n-tell may be brought into the center with the exception of items needed for diapering, food, bottles/sippy cups, and change of clothing. These items should be in a large zip lock bag with the student’s name on it.

  • Small groups will be kept together throughout the day, and we will not combine groups. In addition, we will maintain the same groups from day to day.

  • Social distancing will be practiced by keeping a distance of six feet and not sharing items (pens, paper, electronics, etc.) as much as possible. Wash hands immediately following any interaction and sanitize shared items.

  • No large group activities under any circumstances.

  • Limit the use of water tables and sensory tables, and have children wash their hands immediately after using these play stations.

  • Minimize time standing in lines, keeping children at safe distances apart from each other.

  • Plan activities that do not require close physical contact between multiple children.

  • Increase the distance between children during table work.

  • Incorporate additional outside time and open windows frequently.

  • Stagger outdoor times to limit interaction.

  • Children over 2 years of age may wear face coverings that parents provide.

  • No outside food may be brought in to be shared with friends.

  • Children will have individual set of crayons, markers, and other art supplies.

  • All toys will be washed and sanitized after each use.

  • High touch areas on the playground will be sanitized after each use.

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